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What a blessing to give birth in a birthing center here in NYC. As you will see in Alana's Birth Story, Alana was able to labor and birth in a home-like environment with the love and support of her family surrounding her. Alana had the freedom to move around the space as her body guided her through labor until ready to get into her birth pool and graciously birthed her baby earthside. 

For more information on Birth Centers and how we can help protect them from shutting down, as is happening around our city, 
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Labor is like a curious wandering child - you make all the plans and preparations perfectly the way you anticipate things to unfold, yet she takes the path she so chooses. In this case, Michelle and her partner had the birth pool filled and ready to go - Michelle labored graciously and with what seemed to be ease. When taking a bathroom break - baby Gabriela quickly descended and midwife Carol said baby was on her way! Michelle so delicately made her way back into her birth space where she was only able to make it to the edge of her pool - and there Gabriela was born. No matter the birth you envisioned for yourself - BIRTH IS BEAUTIFUL


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All videos are created with respect and detailed consideration to your wishes.

Capturing  footage is done with love & care to your birth space.

No extra lighting or bulky equipment.

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